Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Healthcare

This beats ObamaCare anytime.
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  1. Very Funny but true.
    Obama is the worst president ever.
    I didn't think this country to get stupid enough to elect anyone dumber than Jimmy Carter but they did in Obama.
    Obama is a total embarrassment to the USA, himself, and the world just laughs its ass off every time this clown opens his mouth.
    Obama is assure fire great commercial why condoms should be mandatory.

  2. Interesting opinions here but unfortunately immigration and national healthcare are now totally at the federal levels.

  3. Very interesting blog, why did you stop posting, the country needs patriots like you.

    I am the DigitalMan and I am running as a Write-in Ballot for Governor of Arizona, Arizona residents pleas think out of the box, it is time for some real change in politics, the 2-party system has ruined our state. I am just a regular person with hopefully some commonsense ideas.
    The first thing I am going to do when elected is raise the Minimum Wage across the board to $15.00 per hour.
    I challenge either major political opponent from the Republicans or Demovrats to match even one of my ideas.

    Please check out my BLOG at -

    I am also on Twitter with pictures at -


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